Truth that hurts or lies to soothe the broken soul?

lies come easy

very much easier than the truth.

“no, i’m fine, don’t worry”
i’m not alright, please see through my pretence, please save me.

“i’m just tired”
i just don’t feel like explaining myself tonight, please let me go, i don’t feel well at all.

“I won’t do it again”
i know it’s wrong of me to do so this time, but please could you help me up from where i am, help me start anew?

“i promise”
please understand that i’ll try but sometimes things may not work out fine.

“i love you”
i think you’re nice to hang out with and i like talking and spending lots of time with you. since you’ve said it, i should too, shouldn’t i?


truths hurt, lies scar.

take your pick


One thought on “Truth that hurts or lies to soothe the broken soul?

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